DAILy Workshop

What are Deepfakes?

This page is structured as follows:

  • The first slideshow is the slide deck teaching the important concepts for this entire topic.
  • The follow activities are supplementary activities that kids should complete to reinforce these important concepts.

These activities are listed in the order we suggest you follow.

1. Main Script and Slides

  • Links: Script & Slides
  • Suggested Length: 1 hour
  • Description: Students use the Deepfakes tool to identify fake videos vs real ones, and point out what makes them fake. Students learn how realistic fake videos generated using Deepfakes are, and what some common ways of identifying them are.

2. Face Art

  • Link: Face Art Worksheet
  • Pre-Reqs: None
  • Suggested Length: 5 min
  • Tech Dependencies: Google Chrome
  • Key Concepts: Deepfakes
  • Group Reqs: None
  • Description: Students explore two face generating AI tools.

3. Spotting Deepfakes

  • Links:
    Spotting Deepfakes Pre-Test
    Spotting Deepfakes Post-Test
    Spotting Deepfakes Answers
  • Pre-Reqs: None
  • Suggested Length: 30 min
  • Tech Dependencies: Google Chrome
  • Key Concepts: Deepfakes, How to Detect Deepfakes, Characteristics of Deepfakes
  • Group Reqs: None
  • Description: Students take a pre-test to try and figure out which examples are deepfakes and which are not. After learning more about how to detect deepfakes, students will take the post-test to see if they can better detect deepfakes.