DAILy Workshop

Decision Trees

This page is structured as follows:

  • The first slideshow is the slide deck teaching the important concepts for this entire topic.
  • The follow activities are supplementary activities that kids should complete to reinforce these important concepts.

These activities are listed in the order we suggest you follow.

1. Main Script and Slides


2. PastaLand

  • Link: Decision Tree/PastaLand Template
  • Pre-Reqs: “Decision Trees” Main Slides
  • Suggested Length: 30 min
  • Tech Dependencies: Google Chrome
  • Key Concepts: Decision Trees, Nodes, Leaves
  • Group Reqs: None
  • Description: Students learn how decision trees can be used to classify a set of data. They gain experience building their own decision trees by sorting types of pasta based on various characteristics that they choose.