At-Home AI Conversations

At-home conversations: 4-Steps to Debating technology and AI with your child

The MIT Media Lab’s Personal Robots Group has launched AI curricula and workshops with hundreds of students at a variety of ages. One thing we heard was that parents wanted to have productive conversations with their kids about tech in a way that encouraged critical thinking and assessment of the technologies their children use. So, we created this guide to help structure conversations around potentially controversial topics that relate to technology and AI. We break down our tips below through the following four steps: Prepare, Engage, Reflect, Repeat. We also include example discussion questions and a section below for resource articles. Guide is available here.
We have now created a video series listed below to teach students about data privacy concepts that you can learn from at home.
Stephanie Nguyen
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab
Daniella DiPaola
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab
Cynthia Breazeal
Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab