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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer programs for k12 students?

We offer programs only in collaboration with schools and after-school programs. If you are a school coordinator and are interested in AI Education programs (for any grade), please contact us at If you are a parent, please check out our Resources page to access some open resources and afterschool programs to learn more about AI.

Can I use the teaching materials and learning units listed on this site?

If you are a Non-profit organization, you are free to use our materials under creative commons license CC-BY-NC. Please attribute the creator of the materials listed under each project page. If you are a For-profit organization, please contact us at for further details.
If you do use any of these materials, we would love to know about the location and number of students you are teaching, and about any feedback you have. Please write to us at .

Can I translate these materials to another language?

Yes! Feel free to translate them, but please let us know if you do so. Contact us at .