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RAISE Collaborates with Google on New Generative AI Course for Educators

Today Grow with Google announced its new 2-hour, self-paced course for teachers on generative AI, developed in collaboration with RAISE:

In just two hours of self-paced study, teachers can learn how to use generative AI tools to help:

  • Create engaging lesson plans and materials. For example with generative AI, they can input their specific lesson plan and tailor it to student interests like explaining science using sports analogies.
  • Tailor instruction for different abilities. Imagine a teacher who has 25 or 30 kids in their classroom. With generative AI, that teacher can easily modify the same lesson for different reading levels in their class.
  • Save time on everyday tasks like drafting emails and other correspondence. For instance, if a student is out sick teachers can create summaries of that day’s lessons to help make sure the student doesn’t fall behind.

At the end of the course, teachers will earn a certificate that they can present to their district for professional development (PD) credit, depending on district and state requirements.

Read more at Google’s blog, The Keyword

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