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We have developed a wide variety of K-12 AI Literacy Units including curriculum, hands-on activities, sample projects, student-friendly toolkits, and assessments for which we offer teacher professional development training.

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FutureMakers is a K-12 outreach program for underserved students and communities. We train teacher and mentors in our AI curricula to enable them to bring AI literacy and education opportunities to their K-12 students in schools and after-school programs. In addition, we are connecting those teachers and mentors to build a network of AI educators across the country and around the world.

Organizations (both schools and after-school programs) that have multiple teachers trained in our curricula have become hubs of AI education for their communities. If you want your organization to be a FutureMakers hub, let us know! If you are a teacher who wants to enrich AI literacy and education for your underserved students and community, sign up for our mailing list!

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