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How to Train Your Robot: MA Stem Week with i2 Learning

How to Train Your Robot is a full 1-week curriculum for middle school students to explore artificial intelligence and ethics. It was piloted in Massachusetts public schools during their annual STEM week. In this course, students participate in a range of hot-topic discussions and hands-on, creative activities to learn about how artificial intelligence is impacting society today. Students will design robot companions to solve real-world problems and use machine learning to make them intelligent. At the end of the course, you will have designed your very own robot companion to share with the world.

Resources from 2019: Educator Guide | Student Workbook

If you are interested in receiving materials and teacher training so that you can do this at your school, please contact I2 Learning.

Randi Williams

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Blakeley Hoffman Payne

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Daniella DiPaola

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Safinah Ali

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Phoebe Lin

GSD, Harvard

Tejal Reddy


Pablo Alejo


i2 Team