A child completes a task on a tablet while a fluffy blue Tega robot tells him, 'When you work hard and struggle, your brain gets stronger and smarter!'

Can social robots help foster curiosity and a growth mindset?

A growth mindset and curiosity have significant impact on children's academic and social achievements. We developed and evaluated a novel expressive cognitive-affective architecture that synergistically integrates models of curiosity, understanding of mindsets, and expressive social behaviors to advance the state-of the-art of robot companions. In doing so, we contribute major advancements in the design of AI algorithms for artificial curiosity, artificial mindset, and their verbal and non-verbal expressiveness in a social robot companion for children.

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Hae Won Park

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Goren Gordon

Curiosity Lab, Tel Aviv University

Safinah Ali

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Anastasia Ostrowski

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab

Cynthia Breazeal

Personal Robots Group, MIT Media Lab