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Art and AI Workshop


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly relevant to art learning with applications in art creation, at understanding and ethical implications around creating with AI. AI is also becoming critical in youth’s future careers – included creative careers. Most AI learning resources are currently geared towards CS and STEM classrooms. In this workshop, we explore how we can use AI for creative learning. Students will learn about how foundational generative AI models work, how they can be used in creative fields, what their social and ethical implications are, and even create creative robots. This is a 20 hour offering with a flexible scheduling. 

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  • Introduction and pre-assessment. (30 min)
  • Are you a creator? (30 min)
    • What are ways in which you create in your everyday life? 
    • Voicing the process of creative expression. 
  • What is AI and what does it have to do with art? (1.5 hour)
    • Introduction to AI 
    • What are algorithms? 
    • How has AI been used in art-making? 
  • Co-creating art with AI. (2 hour)
  • Using AI tools for creative inquiry. (4 hour)
  • How do creative AI algorithms work? (2 hour)
  • Ethical implications of creative AI (2 hour) 
  • Project: Create your imaginary robot. (6 hour)
  • Share out! Art show. (1 hour) 
  • Post-assessment (30 min) 

Offered for: Middle school students 

Offered by: MIT researchers and STEAM Ahead / Museum of Science
MIT Personnel: Safinah Ali, Sharifa Alghowinem, Ayat Abodayeh

Setting: In person at MIT Media Lab, or remote via Zoom 

Ideal day spread: 8 days (2.5 hr daily) Total time: 20 hours

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