Research Projects

We engage in multidisciplinary, iterative, and evidence-based research and development with diverse stakeholders to create new technologies, activities, practices and programs for real-world impact in homes, schools, afterschool programs and online communities. A list of publications for these projects can be found here.

Rock Paper Scissors Tutorial

Use Rock Paper Scissors to create a program that allows the machine to observe and learn from its user’s game choices using a Markov Model!

Therapist Bot Tutorial

Can an app on your phone be your next therapist? This tutorial will show you how to make your own therapist bot app using App Inventor.

Personal Audio Classifier

This student guide/tutorial shows you how to use the Personal Audio Classifier website to train an audio model using short 1-2 second recordings.

Gizmo & ScratchX

Gizmo is a simple Arduino robot based off of the PopPet robot created by Jaidyn Edwards, and customized for our K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 grade AI curricula.

Voice Calculator

In this project you are challenged to create your very first own Voice User Interface (VUI) as you build a voice-driven calculator that can do basic arithmetic operations.

Creativity & GANs for Middle School

Teaching middle school students the practices and ethical implications of creative machine learning techniques, such as GANs and style transfer.

PRG AI Blocks

Various extensions to the Scratch programming languages allow students to build AI-enabled projects.

Careers in AI

A video series about experts in AI.

Awesome Dancing with AI Tutorial

Here you will learn how to use the new AI technology PoseNet to track key points of your body to create a skeletal model; develop some basic methods to quantify, measure and identify some dance moves.

Facemesh Camera Filter

Would you like to make your own facial filters? In this tutorial, we will be using facial landmark detection to create a filter camera using a new AI technology called Facemesh.

Selected Publications

AI Education Peer-reviewed Research Articles and Preprints